Pg Md Khairul Nizam Pg Hj Mohd Yassin


Pg Khairul Nizam graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 1999 and joined the Attorney General’s Chambers in November 2000.

Upon joining the Attorney-General’s Chambers, he was attached to the Criminal Justice Division and remained there until December 2011. As a Deputy Public Prosecutor, he had been tasked to peruse investigation papers and has conducted prosecutions for various types of offences ranging from simple theft and traffic cases, drug related offences to sexual abuse and criminal breach of trust to corruption. He has many successful prosecutions and those that had been appealed had been upheld by the appellate courts.

This long association in the Criminal Justice Division has allowed him to develop an understanding of the various facets of the criminal law as well as the ability to analyse facts and evidence in order to ensure a successful prosecution.

At the beginning of January 2012, he was transferred to the Civil Division of the Attorney-General’s Chambers and has been involved in instituting and carrying out civil claims on behalf of the Government of Negara Brunei Darussalam. Further to this he acquired experience in drafting of Memoranda of Understanding and contracts on behalf of the Government. This experience has allowed him to further develop his analytical and critical thinking.

Since joining YHP, Pg Khairul Nizam has had several successes in defending clients against charges under the Prevention of Corruption Act, Misuse of Drugs Act and the Penal Code. Further to this, he has also had similar successes in the sphere of civil litigation and has handled breach of contract matters as well as unfair termination of employment. 


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